D9 Rick Simpson Oil Tincture


Delta 9 THC Rick Simpson Oil Tincture.  This is not your average distillate tincture. This is made from single source, whole flower Rick Simpson Oil which means it is 100% true to plant and contains all the original cannabinoids and terpenes. This ensures a true, strain specific experience.  

Comes in a 60ml “pump” bottle that contains 150mg of THC.  Each pump contains 2mg of D9THC and is a perfect way to try out an authentic Delta 9 THC product.  These have a strong cannabis taste/smell and use terpene rich, single source Rick Simpson Oil.  This product does not contain any CBD. 

White Truffle – Indica leaning Hybrid. Additional Strain Info – https://www.leafly.com/strains/white-truffle

Chem 91 – Sativa leaning Hybbrid. Additional Strain info – https://www.leafly.com/strains/chemdawg-91

Northern Lights #5- Indica. Additional Strain info- https://www.leafly.com/strains/northern-lights–5



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Northern Lights #5

Customer Reviews

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Micah Katz-Zeiger
Garlic Cookies RSO Rocks!

The GC RSO tincture I received came without any leaks and the pump action is super ingenious imo. 4 pumps gave me full body tingles and resting was very easy. Should not have used before 5 pm but I was too curious!

There is a VERY subtle flavor to this that is nice and cannabis-y— I shook mine which May or May not be recommended but it seemed to bring out the terps. But again, hardly noticeable unless you are really searching for the flavor.

Zeriah Rollins
No Taste or smell

Also product leaked…im not sure if these both are normal but it just tasted like straight Mct oil for gg#4…still leaks when I shake or just try and pump it…effects are still good!! Just wish It wouldn’t waste product and wish it had flavor

No Taste/Smell

Unfortunately as the person previously mentioned before me I recieved a GG#4 RSO tincture over this last weekend. I went to try it and was expecting some nice cannabis flavor, or possibly smell. Without a doubt all it tastes like is MCT oil nothing else. From the product description, and also previous reviews I feel like the specific batch I recieved was indeed not the same as others had recieved. I have been trying to cut back on vaping/smoking and RSO has been my go to lately. I was hoping this product could join my line up, but I will more than likely only try to give it one more shot once its restocked. Still giving 3 stars as effects were still present, but for a RSO Tincture I was definitely expecting some nice flavor. I am curious to hear what others have to say if they purchased recently though none the less.. do you all get a nice cannabis taste? Or does it all taste like MCT oil 110%?

No flavor

Received unflavored tincture and was told by support that the description for this product doesn't mention the product should contain taste/scent, and that I can send back my USED product. Completely unprofessional and I will never use this vendor again.

Rick Simpson Oil GG#4

Fantastic, low dose or go higher. PERFECT. The fact you can do 2mg a time for microdose or have more relaxation or fun when needed. Great formulation also very usable in all instances. Once again The Hemp Barn is unbeatable. Please don't stop THB and Thank You.