D9 Rick Simpson Oil Tincture


Delta 9 THC Rick Simpson Oil Tincture.  This is not your average distillate tincture. This is made from single source, whole flower Rick Simpson Oil which means it is 100% true to plant and contains all the original cannabinoids and terpenes. This ensures a true, strain specific experience.  

Comes in a 60ml “pump” bottle that contains 150mg of THC.  Each pump contains 2mg of D9THC and is a perfect way to try out an authentic Delta 9 THC product.  These have a strong cannabis taste/smell and use terpene rich, single source Rick Simpson Oil.  This product does not contain any CBD. 

GG#4 – Classic Hybrid. Additional Strain Info – https://www.leafly.com/strains/original-glue

Tahoe OG – Indica Dominant Hybrid.  Additional Strain Info – https://www.leafly.com/strains/tahoe-og

Dosi-Lato – Indica – Additional Strain Info – https://www.leafly.com/strains/dolato

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GG#4, Tahoe OG, Dosi-Lato

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Worth it

For some strange reason I have become very ill over a year ago and cbd now aggravates my symptoms. This tincture is easy to use and it honestly helps. Makes me feel like smoking did back when I was in high school 25 years ago, lol. Only problem is the dry eyes. Thank you Hemp Barn for all of your fabulously unique products that I've purchased over the past few years. Guess I'm a customer for life at this point. 😊🙋💖🙌😁
Btw- I bought the GG#4 and it helps with my pain and insomnia. I bet the Tahoe OG would be even better as a sleep supplement and the Dosi for less sedation.

Michael Dracul
Top of the line for Pain!

This Product is the top! It not only helps Me with My Anxiety and Insomnia but it’s the first Product that’s not a Prescription Pain Killer but it takes away My Chronic Pain! I get a little bit of “Couch Lock” but to get rid of My Chronic Pain it’s worth it! So long as this is in Stock I will continue to be a repeat customer! Thank You Hemp Barn for a Fantastic Product!


as a heavy daily flower user i have a reasonable tolerance, just not to this 😁

my first time having anything like this and its a far different feeling, highly enjoyable when you start sinking into the bed.

my only "negative" is i ordered Tahoe OG and got Papaya but I'm still satisfied so 5/5 for you wonderful people.

thank you