D9 Rick Simpson Oil Tincture


Delta 9 THC Rick Simpson Oil Tincture.  This is not your average distillate tincture. This is made from single source, whole flower Rick Simpson Oil which means it is 100% true to plant and contains all the original cannabinoids and terpenes. This ensures a true, strain specific experience.  

This now comes in a 60ml Tincture/Droper bottle that contains 150mg of THC.  Each ML contains 2.5mg of D9THC and is a perfect way to try out an authentic Delta 9 THC product.  These have a strong cannabis taste/smell and use terpene rich, single source Rick Simpson Oil. 

Current Strain – GG#4 (Gorilla Glue)




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Excellent product, use a couple of pumps as needed for a nice mellow vibe. Really takes the edge off. More can be taken for a stronger effect. But I find a couple of pumps followed by a little flower an hour later gets me right where I wanna be. Also it was packaged very well and shipping was speedy. Will be getting more when back in stock and would love to try some different strains 😶‍🌫️✌️

RSO Gorilla Glue

Taking this every evening helps me to catch a mellow vibe and enjoy the company of my family while winding down from my work day. It taste like I would expect it to and I love that!! I want to keep this on the regular but you guys are all out :( at the moment.

Micah Katz-Zeiger
I’m a Fried Banana

Amazing terps on that blend please grow it again!! Coffee and plátano maduro with sedating effect

John B
D9 Rick Simpson Oil Tincture(papaya)

This stuff is fast acting with decent effects.
Not as terpy as I was expecting but enjoyable and a very versatile product. Thanks again Hemp Barn!

Top Shelf

First order with THB and my first experience with RSO. I ordered the medo purps.. Flavor was mostly mute but the effects are on point and incredible. This might be one of the best hemp products I've been able to enjoy. Can't wait to try other strains!