CBD Cartridge – Broad Spectrum (THC FREE)


100% Cannabis oil cartridge! No MCT, PG or VG – simply uncut distillate with real, 100% full spectrum cannabis-extracted terpenes. Current batch contains CBD, CBC, CBG and CBDv; these are the most pure, true to flower broad spectrum cartridges on the market. This is a THC free product.

Beautiful golden colored oil available in .5ml and 1ml high end authentic AVD glass cartridges. These will work with any 510 threaded battery but we recommend using our own to take advantage of the smart-pulse technology. If using another 510 threaded battery we recommend one with adjustable temperature and recommend a wattage of under 4V.


Lab tested for Potency, Solvents, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Microbial Content & Mycotoxins!
CURRENT LAB TEST RESULTS – https://reports.phrlabs.com/reports/distillate_6

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Our CBD Cartridge is THC-Free

Our Broad Spectrum CBD Cartridge contains nothing but pure CBD distillate. Infused with 100% real cannabis terpenes. Our distillate is completely uncut and does not contain any additives.


We offer a few different CBD cartridges for sale which you can use on any 510 thread battery powered vape pen. Our CBD carts are pure and contain no chemical additives whatsoever. You can read the lab report for each cartridge as every single one of our products are tested for impurities.

Pure & True Distillate

Our distillate is 100% THC free, but it is not an isolate. This is a broad spectrum CBD cart, which means it contains other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and CBDv. The combination of terpenes and a range of cannabinoids means you get a vape cartridge that provides the entourage effect without taking the risk of having even trace amounts of THC in your system.

Choose Your Strain!

With our CBD carts, you have the ability to choose between 5 unique strain profiles: Blueberry OG, Bruce Banner, Baklava, King Louie, and Gelato. We like to give your palate some options so that if you’re a daly CBD vaper, you don’t have to taste the same flavor all day long. Try some Bruce Banner in the morning, take a break with some Gelato or Baklava in the afternoon, and when you’re ready to hit the hay, take a few puffs of some Blueberry OG or King Louie. With The Hemp Barn, you’ve got options!

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 9 in

.5ML, 1ML


Pure (No added terpenes – pure distillate), Gelato, Blueberry OG, Bruce Banner, King Louie, Stardawg Pie, SFV OG

Customer Reviews

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Ray Z.
The best

Very smooth, clean and super relaxing. Did not even make me cough compared to some other brands. Thank you! I will be ordering more stuff. :)

Sabrina Gloria

Where to start, my goodness LOL. I have tried many, many different CBD products in just about a year, and the Hemp Barn has undoubtedly been the absolute cleanest. I'm not trying to be a stickler, but nowadays there's a lot of crap out there mixed with God knows what.. I love these carts with all my heart. Instant de-stress, they have been a massive life saver during this pandemic. I can't say enough good things... just.. thank you Hemp Barn!!!!!

Hit orMiss

Best quality I've come by! Got mine from my local headshop and it quicky takes away my stress and anxiety! I recommend to anyone.

Noah McDaniel

High quality
One of the very few company’s I’ve found that show full lab reports. For heavy metals pesticides solvents etc

Alexandre Pouzikov

These have an amazing flavor profile that outputs absolute quality. I highly recommend this over any other vape product. I wish there was choices to get discounts if you buy more like "buy 4 get one free" or something along those lines.