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ORGANIC, NO TILL LIVING SOIL GROWN for ultimate terpene expression.  This is our “Top Tier” line of flower which means it is 100% grown in living soil without any added fertilizers/pesticides etc.  Hand trimmed and slow cured to perfection!  This should be on par, or better than top tier flower brands like Jungle Boys etc.  All of our flower is guaranteed to be extremely sticky & stinky!  LA Pop Rockz is Z Animals x TK Bx2.

Batch Notes From Owner – “This is one of my personal favorite strains.  It smells very similar to the Rauncy Runtz we had earlier with that classic candy gas smell/taste but with a hint of kush to it.  It looks and grows like a textbook indica but smokes very similar to a potent Sativa.  This is an “anytime” strain for me that produces a very energetic, socially motivating high that doesn’t put you to sleep unless overdone. The nugs themselves are very dense and coated in trichomes with an almost lime green color to them that was hard to photograph.”

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One of my faves, some of the best flower I have ever had.

Austin Patterson
Tastes like Cherries

Seriously tastes like it’s name.

Awesome flower

This strain hitting for sure. I have ordered multiple times and just as good if not a fuzz better each time