How do “full spectrum” Delta 8 THC cartridges differ from “pure” Delta 8 carts?

You might have noticed we are one of the few companies selling “full spectrum” delta 8 cartridges.  Our delta 8 carts have elevated levels of CBD, CBC, CBN & CBG.  There are two distinct reasons we do this which we will dive into below.  This is opposed to the majority of the market which offers what most call “pure” delta 8 THC carts.  These usually test around 85-90% Delta 8 THC and no other cannabinoids.  Ours, depending on batch, clock in around 75% Delta 8 THC and 10% other cannabinoids.

Why not sell both kinds?

For a brief period we did, until we decided to drop the pure cartridges for two specific reasons:

  1. Cartridge reliability and performance
    1.  Pure delta 8 THC is extremely thick at room temperature.  At room temp, it is essentially solid.  This is problematic for the cartridge hardware itself since the oil needs to be a certain viscosity for the cartridge to properly function.  Companies get around this in two ways – they add excessive amounts of terpenes to thin out the oil and/or include instructions on how to either preheat or warm up your cartridge first before using it.  The problem with these two solutions is too high of a percentage of terpenes will make the vapor extremely harsh and irritating and needing to preheat or warm up the cartridge itself before using is not user friendly and can damage the cartridge.  A simple google search of “clogged delta 8 cart” or “how to warm up delta 8 cart” will lead to thousands of results for methods to re-heat or unclog your delta 8 cartridge.  It is unfortunately a frequent issue with pure delta 8 carts – at room temp the oil is just too thick, or it needs to be diluted with too many terpenes until it is less thick.  Since our cartridges have a lower overall THC percentage as well as elevated levels of other cannabinoids they are guaranteed to be clog free!
  2. Effects
    1. Our full spectrum delta 8 THC cartridges might have less THC than pure delta 8 carts (they are still potent at ~75% THC) but due to the entourage effect, they “feel” more potent.  By having elevated levels of other cannabinoids like CBN and CBD, along with only using cannabis extracted terpenes, means we can provide a true full spectrum delta 8 THC cartridge.