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The Hemp Barn


Welcome to The Hemp Barn!  We sell a carefully curated selection of State and Federally legal/compliant cannabis (Hemp) products

The Hemp Barn

Quality Since 2016

The Hemp Barn was created in 2016 by self-proclaimed “Cannabis Nerd” Jeff Cunningham.  I was personally offended by the state of the Hemp/Cannabis market at the time due to flagrant price gouging and the overall lack of quality & transparency in products offered.  It was very common to see CBD Isolate priced at $100+ per gram and 500mg CBD Tinctures selling for well over $100 as well.  Due to being involved in the cannabis industry since 2001, I knew the true cost and quality of products offered and realized I could put out a better quality product at half the price by working with true cannabis enthusiasts who had better genetics & extraction methods.  Our three principles are still the same as they were in 2016 – Quality, Affordability & Transparency.

My cannabis history

I first started growing cannabis in the early 2000’s, 2001 to be exact.  By 2004 I was completely entrenched in the cannabis community/industry.  Back then we were forced to network & share techniques/genetics on private, underground forums like & or in person.  There were no conventions/facebook groups/community events etc.  In my early days, roughly 2001-2010 I spent most of my time either growing for personal/friends use or working with friends on breeding projects with unique genetics, oftentimes landrace sativa’s from regions in Asia from seeds I had to smuggle in from overseas.  It was a serious risk back then and that is partly why there is so much pushback on “corporate cannabis” – they come in once it is “safe” to try and push us out and reap the rewards off the work of our backs.  During this time I also got obsessed with hash making, mainly bubble hash.  I was never really into the solvent extracts except for Rick Simpson Oil.  In the early days of “BHO” aka butane hash oil the equipment & techniques were not what they are today and lab explosions were not that uncommon in the early days.  Due to this it never really interested me much.

 From 2010-2016 I was so disgusted with the current state of the industry I left it and tried out the 9-5 desk job life.  During this time the big legal push started and our first truly legal dispensary and grows started popping up, first in CO & WA.  A lot of my friends went to work for the newly legal, big corporate money backed grows with mixed results.  Unfortunately back then you needed hundreds of thousands of dollars and some good luck to win a grow license.  This is still the same sadly.  I would have loved to get back in the game with a grow license here in PA but I just simply did not have 250K of cash laying around to even apply for a license.  This creates a huge barrier to entrance for the rec/med marijuana market and only big, multi-state corporations have the funds to even apply for the licenses.  Around 2015 I started seeing some pretty amazing genetics floating around for CBD dominant strains that had the THC levels so low it could be classified as hemp.  By 2016 the hemp/CBD industry started to really pick up speed.  To my surprise, the barrier to entrance was quite reasonable, less than 5K in cash could have you up and running legally in this new industry.  By the end of 2016 The Hemp Barn was formed and I was back in the industry.  I took my years of growing, breeding and hash making experience, along with deep rooted connections in the industry to create the most transparent hemp company in the industry dedicated to quality, affordable products.

how we are different than the rest

Simply put – we are here for the love of the plant.  All of our products are tested by a 3rd party, state regulated lab for Potency, Solvents, Pesticides, Microbials, Mycotoxins & Heavy Metals.  We are small business dedicated to quality, handmade products without the corporate markup.