Disposable Vape – 1ml


THCa Disposable Vape!  These are made by “pressure melting” but not decarbing pure 99% THCa diamonds under vacuum then blending in terpene infused CBC distillate to ensure the proper consistency. These are 80% THCa, 15% CBC & 5% terpenes. The terpenes used are a blend of cannabis + botanical.

There are two devices options available – The Daborizer V1 & V2.  The V1 is more basic and is draw activated and set to a single temperatute – 3.7v.  The V2 is button activated and has adjustable temperature.  You can choose from 3.3v , 3.7v & 4.2v.  Both are rechargeable.

**This is the last disposable drop for a few weeks.  We will be going forward with the V2 device as people seem to like the added features over the V1.  We still plan on using a BDT/CDT terpene blend as these are meant to be the “budget” vape option as we are getting ready to launch our “premium” live resin sauce carts very soon**

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Strain + Device

Hawaiian (V2), OG Kush (V1), OG Kush (V2), Ecto-Cooler (V2), Strawnana (V2), Blue Slushie (V2), Tahiti Lime (V1), Runtz (V1), Strawberry Churro (V1), Strawberry Churro (V2), Topicana Cookies (V2), Sour Cherry Sherbet (V2)

Customer Reviews

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Dwight Anneaux
Had potential

The first 5 puffs I took were great. Then put it in my pocket while in grocery store. Somehow turned upside down and the mouthpiece came off the device and all the oil leaked everywhere in my pocket. Was the V1 device. Maybe be careful with V1s in pocket.

Austin Daniel
OG Kush V2

Fantastic flavor and effects per usual. I didn’t even have to charge the pen once- smoothest hitting disposable vape I have ever encountered. 10/10

Alex P.
The Potential Was There

First time ordering with THB, and I went with 2 of the dispos. One worked well, good effects, enjoyable product; the other seemed to be malfunctioning in some manner. After two short pulls, it no longer worked. That was a big bummer. Made me a little sad, but that’s okay. It’s better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.

Ron K.

The disposable THCA carts are fantastic, please restock with enough that it's not such a challenge to get them.

Great stuff! Will order again!

Loved this disposable of Hawaiian!