Looking to try a CBD concentrate? CBD wax may be the way to go. These concentrated hemp dabs are quickly becoming a preferred way to consume CBD, and it’s not without reason. More potency with very little product, quick action, and more profound therapeutic benefits are just a few good reasons to try a concentrate like CBD wax.

What Is CBD Wax?

CBD wax is a CBD concentrate created from cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from hemp. The wax can be created through a few different extraction and processing techniques, such as butane hash oil extraction (BHO) and CO2 extraction, which do not involve the use of solvents.

CBD wax has a (quite obviously) waxy consistency and is usually dabbed in small portions using an electric nail, specific vaping device, or a dab rig. The cannabinoid content in CBD wax is ultra-concentrated, so you quite literally need only a “dab” to experience the full effects of the CBD.

CBD wax may be further processed with heat, air pressure, or other methodologies to create other types of hemp dabs or CBD concentrates, such as:

  • CBD budder
  • CBD crumble
  • CBD live resin

Each of these CBD concentrates has its own advantages. For example, CBD live resin has an exceptionally rich terpene profile.

Is CBD Shatter the Same as CBD Dab Wax?

CBD shatter is actually a type of concentrate made through a similar process as CBD wax. Just like CBD wax, CBD shatter has a high concentration of cannabinoids. However, it has been more intensely heated to create a glass-like state. The shatter is usually amber-colored and looks a lot like a sheet of hard candy.

Find Your Way to the Best CBD Wax Online

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