Tier 1.5(indoor – organic soil) – Wedding Pie


TIER 1.5 means it is grown in pre-bought organic soil with added organic nutrients.  Grown in Fox Farms Happy Frog® Organic Soil with added organic nutrients.  “Wedding Pie” strain is Wedding Cake x Grape Pie. The cure came out a little on the drier side with this one but it is still sticky.

Batch Notes from Owner – “Wow, the bag appeal is pretty unreal with this one.  It has an intoxicating “fruity” aroma that is heavy on the grape pie side.  Beautiful flowers with deep purple/blue hues and absolutely covered in trichomes.  A little on the fluffier side but not in a stemmy way, more in a Sativa growth structure way with noticeable fox-tailing on a lot of the nugs.  This smokes entirely different than our LA Pop Rockz with this having classic indica dominant effects.  I would recommend this for later in the afternoon or nighttime use.  The Grape Pie really comes through on the taste/smell”

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Mike Marenghi

Let’s get started on this mess shale we…

honestly it looks pretty good, and that’s were we stop with the positive. Got an 1/8th full of smalls at full price with the exception of like 1 or 2 decent size buds. Shit is dry as all hell. Has absolutely 0 taste, just taste like smoke, Both from a joint and bong. Has barely any smell either. A slight fruity smell and that’s it.

I tried there white truffle last month and it was phenomenal. For this being on the same tier as white truffle, all I can say is I’m disappointed in this. I’m gonna toss a hydro stone in it overnight cause it really Fucking needs it and try again sometime. But as of now I wouldn’t buy this again and I don’t recommend it.

Brandy Davis

Tier 1.5(indoor - organic soil) - Wedding Pie

Excellent Hemp

This is top shelf hemp, very potent, very flavorful. Won't be my last purchase.

Andrew Sechrist

it was alright, definitely a tier below their lemon cherry gelato but overall a nice smooth vape with heavy gorilla glue effects,smell,taste!

Tej Desai
Incredible Organic Hemp

Words can't describe how fire this strain is. 5/5