Kief Infused Pre-Rolls


NEVER FROM SHAKE/TRIM!  We take pride in our hand rolled King Size RAW® Pre Roll Cones.  Made from hand selected smalls/popcorns nugs and infused with 90-140u dry sift these pack a punch!  We hand roll and QC every single joint to ensure a smooth uniformed burn!  Rotating strains.

  • Weight – 1 gram of flower infused with 1/4 gram of 90-140u dry sift for a total weight of 1.25 grams per pre-roll

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D-Core, House Blend, Ice Cream Cake, Gelato 33, Gelato Mintz, White Truffle, LA Pop Rockz, Wedding Pie

Customer Reviews

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Happily surprised

Honestly I usually stay away from pre-rolls, but I was given two of them to try and I really enjoyed them, enough so that if I ever miss a option to try some of the flower suggestions, I would more than happily go and snag a couple pre-rolls to make up for it.

Also, I want to add that THB has always made any issues I’ve ever had with any products/orders 110% right every single time he genuinely cares about his customers and his products so unlike I was try to be patient with him it’s easy to get upset over it but in all my cases I was upset for nothing as he’s always made it right. Would just like to thank him for the services and products he supply’s us :)

Thca preroll

Fantastic, burns great. Quality preroll! For the price it's a great deal especially for on the go.


These are real nice , great burn and great way to try a bunch of different strains. Extra punch with the kief. I recommend


Recently learned about high THC-A flower and wanted to test out the goods. These hit really smooth and stay lit, taste great and the effects are enjoyable. Would buy more if they weren't sold out!