Contains a mixture of CBD, CBG & CBDv in a thick, terpy “sauce/sugar” consistency perfect for dabbing.  Approximately 80% total cannabinoid content depending on strain.

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Try Our Cannabinoid-Rich Terp Sauce!

Perfect for dabbing at lower temps. Too high of a temp and you’ll burn off some of these amazing smells from those juicy terps.
Different from isolate or distillate products, Terp Sauce for sale online from The Hemp Barn contains a nice combination of cannabinoids to help you reach the desired Entourage Effect. In our CBD Terp Sauce you’ll find Cannabidiol, sure, but you’ll see that it also contains CBD and CBDv.

Terp Sauce Flavors & Aroma You Can Expect

Fruity, flavorful, and packed full of aromatic notes. This golden-yellow, sugary, jelly-like sauce is packed full of terpenes and cannabinoids no matter which strain you choose. And we have a nice variety of strains! Their names pretty much speak for themselves in terms of what flavors or smells you can expect:

  • Blueberry OG
  • Lemon Cake
  • Gelato
  • Elektra

I’m new here, what is terp sauce?

Terp sauce is just another form of concentrated cannabis. Terp sauce is great for dabbing and vaping. You can also rub some on the outside of your joint or drop it directly in a bowl, but in order to really get the best flavor experience we recommend dabbing or vaping at a relatively low temperature.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 9 in

1 Gram, 14 Gram "baller jar"


Blueberry OG, Gelato, Bruce Banner, Lemon Cake

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Check

Hey there you guys are the best! I really love the products and have recommended them to a good few friends. I really enjoyed the mix strains that were stocked a while back and have been meaning to try the cbd flower out sometime. I would love to get a recommendation! The dabs have helped massively though, we use them to treat chronic pain and they do the trick. Thanks so much and stay safe out there folks!


Excellent concentrate. It’s delicious and quite potent with a consistency that is easy to deal with. Dap at the lowest temp you can for the best flavor.


Arrived in 6 days to the UK. Prompt response from a helpful customer service rep when I sent an email just after placing my order. The Gelato Terp Sauce is outstanding, much better than any of the CBD concentrates we get in Europe. I can’t recommend The Hemp Barn enough! 💜


I ordered a gram of 99% isolate for $12 and a gram of the Gelato sauce which was 50% off at the time. I received it today and they sent a gram of Lifter "Special Sauce" with it for free! The Gelato and Lifter taste much better than expected and the effects are great. The price seemed too good to be true, they gave me free product, and I am very impressed with the product. The phrase "nothing is perfect" is officially untrue. Amazing job hemp barn!


Absolutely DELICIOUS and effective as can be. Two or three dabs of the super lemon haze knocks. Me. Out. This terp sauce is incredible for night time use (for me, anyways).