D9 Live Resin Lemonade/Limeaid


*These are now in Glass Bottles, not cans*

Handcrafted Lemonade and “Lime-Aid” infused with nano-emulsified D9THC Live Resin!  This uses single source live resin for a potent, terpene rich experience.  The Lime-Aid and the Lemonade contains 25mg THC per can.  These are handcrafted & bottled in PA with filtered water, cane sugar, hand-squeezed lemon/lime, nano-emulsified live resin and citric acid, thats it! This is NOT your typical sugar water with instant lemonade powder added.  We only use fresh, hand squeezed lemon/lime to flavor our drinks and never use artificial preservatives.  The naturally high acidity of the lemon/lime along with the added citric acid keep this shelf stable and fresh for at least 3 months.  Due to the natural nature of the product it needs to be kept refrigerated. 

SOLD PER SIX PACK!  We are unable to ship anything under a six pack.  due to this product needing to be kept REFRIGERATED the price includes an insulated, thermal chilled shipping box (can keep items frozen or chilled for 72+ hours).  We only ship these out on Monday-Tuesday to ensure there is no chance it sits in a warehouse over the weekend.

you will still need to pay for shipping but the thermal chilled box is built into the product price.  Local pickup is available for those local to us and will save you $10 if you do not want the thermal box.  


if picking up local please do not add this to your cart, we will take your payment in-store and give you the mentioned $10 discount if purchasing a six pack.  singles are also available for local pickup for $7.50 per can

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All Lemonade(25mg), All Lime-Aid (25mg), Mix & Match 3 of each

Customer Reviews

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Amazing flavors

These things taste so good. Hard to just drink your dosage amount as you want to drink all of them just based on flavorings alone. Only problem I had was that my 6 pak had leaked during shipping. THB is going to fix this problem for me, and supposedly going to go back to the can instead of glass bottles to prevent leaking. I'm not sure on my bottles how much of the d9 leaked out with the liquid or what, but whatever amount was left seemed pretty good on the affects. I was going with 1 bottle per dosage, though remember it wasn't a full bottle. I would honestly love to be able to buy a d9 free version of these dranks, as they are that good. Wish they would sell them at gas stations and grocery stores. Again, they are that good!

Flavor 5*
Customer Service 5*
effects 4* (I'm sure would be 5* if I had full dosage bottles)

Wonderful treat

These drinks are extremely tasty and effective. Takes effect quickly and they are strong. Some of the product definitely leaked into the packaging but I did not find this to be a big deal. Will be back for more of these this summer! Thank you.

Cannot review the product, but…

Five star customer service! Above and beyond.


gotta be careful with these, they're delicious. Very easy to want to drink just for the taste.

Flat out delicious!

Taste is awesome. Exactly what I think of when I think home made lemonade or limeade. I do especially like the lime-ade.

I like that they are 25mg. Im one of those lucky few that edibles just dont work on unless in high doses. I use thc for anxiety. A bottle of this at night worked great for me to help relax!