D9 Live Resin Lemonade/Limeaid


Handcrafted Lemonade and “Lime-Aid” infused with nano-emulsified D9THC Live Resin!  This uses single source live resin for a potent, terpene rich experience.  The Lime-Aid and the Lemonade contains 10mg THC per can.  These are handcrafted & bottled in PA with filtered water, cane sugar, hand-squeezed lemon/lime, nano-emulsified live resin and citric acid, thats it! This is NOT your typical sugar water with instant lemonade powder added.  We only use fresh, hand squeezed lemon/lime to flavor our drinks and never use artificial preservatives.  The naturally high acidity of the lemon/lime along with the added citric acid keep this shelf stable and fresh for at least 3 months.  Due to the natural nature of the product it needs to be kept refrigerated. 

Due to the nano-emulsion the average onset time is approximately 10-20 minutes and the effects last between 2-4 hours depending on tolerance.  Nano-emulsion typically increases the bioavailability of THC by 2-3x giving this the equivalent of approximately 25mg THC from a “traditional” edible.

SOLD PER SIX PACK!  We are unable to ship anything under a six pack.  due to this product needing to be kept REFRIGERATED the price includes an insulated, thermal chilled shipping box (can keep items frozen or chilled for 72+ hours).  We only ship these out on Monday-Tuesday to ensure there is no chance it sits in a warehouse over the weekend.

you will still need to pay for shipping but the thermal chilled box is built into the product price.  Local pickup is available for those local to us and will save you $15 if you do not want the thermal box.  


if picking up local please do not add this to your cart, we will take your payment in-store and give you the mentioned $15 discount if purchasing a six pack.  singles are also available for local pickup for $10 per can

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All Lemonade(10mg), All Lime-Aid (10mg), Mix & Match 3 of each

Customer Reviews

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Grayson Simmons
Great Pure Product

I was able to get the 60mg version and this product is excellent. Quick onset and taste incredible. Be sure to drink water with it. Product arrived with ice packs melted and the cans were lukewarm but I chalk that up to the US mail. One of the best products on the market.


Let me start by saying I have a very high tolerance for edibles and smokeables alike and its rare I come across something that hits me as hard as these bad boys did. Taste is 10/10 especially the Lime, the citrus really plays well with the live resin taste and makes for a very unique and enjoyable canna-flavored beverage, no acrid bitterness or hempy aftertaste either. I got about 5 sips into a can and knew within about 20 minutes I was not going to be able to finish, don’t be afraid to mix with other beverages to lower the dose, 1 can will give me at least 2-3 sessions of use lol. The “feeling” is very similar to the come up of an edible but within the span of about 20 minutes and I was overwhelmed with the giggles after just a few sips, something that only large doses of edibles seem to make me do, I loved it. I ordered another case right away lol
Also I gotta say 10/10 on the packaging and care taken with shipping these bad boys, came in a styrofoam cooler with 2 large ice packs and tons of padding, cans were nice and cool upon arrival
Over all if I could give these 6 stars I would!


About to pick up another 6 pack. These things are amazing. Gets you feeling good and they taste great. My new go to summer drink.


Tried the limeaid flavor nice awesome fresh flavor really soothes the asophogus. Also this stuff is strong! Started with half and was feeling good then drank the rest all I can say is god damn son! A real clean effect! Mellow but not lazy still want to get some stuff done! Great product would recommend 100%