Hemp Rosin – Sour Special Sauce Strain


High CBD hemp Rosin!  This is our first “beta” release/batch and is extremely limited.  Depending on the feedback/market we will decide if this is something we want to go all in on and up production with.  This is from our indoor grown Sour Special Sauce flower pressed in a 90u micron bag.  The terps are textbook sour diesel.  SOLD PER GRAM!!

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Our Hemp Rosin is Impressively High in CBD

Sold by the gram, hemp rosin for sale at The Hemp Barn is extracted from indoor-grown Sour Special Sauce strain hemp plants. Rosin is unique and different from other cannabis concentrates in that the extraction process is 100% solventless.

What does solventless mean?

Solventless extraction processes exclude chemicals of any kind. Rosin is made using solventless extraction. Different from BHO which requires butane for extraction, rosin is usually made with a rosin press. Pressing the plant with weight & high heat results in the plant “oozing” out phytocannabinoid-rich concentrate known as rosin. Who needs chemicals when ya got hemp plants and high-pressure.

What does hemp rosin from The Hemp Barn smell and taste like?

We used Sour Special Sauce hemp flower to produce this particular batch of CBD-rich hemp rosin. This strain expresses terpenes that have similar aromas and flavor qualities to sour diesel, which is a highly popular THC-heavy cannabis strain typically described as having a “gassy” smell with some lemon twang. But keep in mind, all of our concentrates fall below the legal threshold of 0.3% Delta 9 THC, so you won’t get high.

Learn how to make CBD hemp rosin

It’s pretty simple, really. You buy a rosin press, and you press your hemp flower on parchment paper to squeeze out the oil aka rosin. You can even make rosin without a rosin press. Just use a hair straightener! Clamp a bud firm and tight in between the straightener clamps when the heat’s on high. Make sure you are using a type of parchment paper or other material won’t melt or catch fire! Making rosin with a hair straightener is not very efficient and won’t leave you with the highest quality end product. Do we recommend it? Probably not, but it’s definitely possible!

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