Greenhouse Grown Flower – Double Chem OG


Greenhouse Grown in Fox Farms Happy Frog® Organic Soil with added organic nutrients.  Machine trimmed and slow cured to perfection.  All of our flower is guaranteed to be extremely sticky!  Double Chem OG is OG Chemdawg X Double OG Sour

Batch Notes From Owner – “This batch is very sticky with a creamy kush scent somewhat similar to the platinum kush breath we dropped a few months ago.  When you first crack open the bag it has a classic creamy, vanilla kush smell but once ground up it has a strong old school diesel smell/taste to it.  If you research this strain is says it is an indica dominant hybrid but for me personally it smokes/feels more like a sativa dominant hybrid.  Very strong “heady/diesel” effects at first with a nice body high to go along with it.  Extremely bulbous trichomes in the center of the nugs when broken up as pictured in the last photo.  This is a good yielder for those into pressing their own flower rosin, we were seeing 25-30% returns at 185F.

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Customer Reviews

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Killer Cup Winner!

This strain has more Emerald Cups than any other strain, so that definitely tells you folks in the know love this stuff. Definitely Sativa Leaning, I haven't had bud put a goofy smile on my face in years but this one does, really hope to see more of this & some more Kush particularly the Marathon OG. Hemp Barn kills it!

Double Chem Og is fire

No muted smell, straight creamy vanilla with dank gas smell out of the bag. Break up the nugs and that gas smell gets even stronger. Definitely true to the description of the strain. Feels more sativa dominant which is what I was hoping for. VERY VERY sticky. Had to wipe my fingers off before rolling up so they wouldn't stick to the wrap type sticky. Takes a good 2 seconds to pull your thumb and index finger apart slowly type sticky. First purchase from the hemp barn and I will be a returning customer. Absolute favorite THCa flower I've got so far out of all vendors I've ordered from.

Nathanial Mathiason
SFV OG / Scooby snacks

Didn’t get Double Chem OG, but I did get: SFV OG was on par with past experiences of the strain from other vendors. Excellent overall strain.
Scooby Snacks was very impressive. Wish I had ordered more to press some. Good first experience with THB

Funky Fuel IPA Terps

Stanky danky, grinds up incredibly easily. Looks scraggly like it was grown on a dang cliff… real landrace look to it and the STRONG sativa effects confirm that. No headache like the BM sour used to give me, this stuff is the real deal other than that though