Full Spectrum Rosin Tincture


Full Spectrum Rosin Tincture.  Slightly over one gram of rosin dissolved into organic Nutiva MCT oil per bottle.  This is made from Dry Sift Rosin NOT flower for the most potent truly solventless tincture.  What is Dry Sift Rosin and what does solventless mean?

Dry Sift is a traditional method of making hash that involves zero use of any solvents or chemicals to extract the resin from the cannabis flowers hence the term solventless.  You simply “sift” the cannabis flowers over a set of very fine mesh screens, which captures the trichomes.  The trichomes are extremely small and are carefully collected by hand, then pressed into Rosin.  Rosin is what is created when you take the dry sift and press it under extreme pressure (over 2 tons) with mild heat (under 200F) to extract the oil/cannabinoids. Unlike ethanol or CO2 extracts, zero solvents or chemicals are used to extract and refine the product.  It is a truly whole plant, full spectrum solvent free product.

Sold per 30ml bottle which contains at least 800mg of total cannabinoids.

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Weight 2 oz

30ml (800mg of cannabinoids)

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Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin Tincture

This is a fantastic product that THB produces! Strong Hemp flavor and so satisfying taken right before I lay my head down to sleep! This product really helps me calm down and just allows me to quickly fall asleep! It takes 30-60 minutes for this stuff to kick in. It is really a fantastic product that I use every night! It just calms you down and lasts me for hours! Thanks Much for another Fantastic Product by THB!

Augustus Everhardt
CBD Rosin Tincutre

Helps to slow down my thoughts at night so I can fall asleep faster. I like it !

Strong Flavor and Effects

Nice strong terpy flavor, which is a huge plus for me as a cannabis-lover! The effects are great for keeping you grounded. Will probably get three more just to mix with all my other tinctures and so I can take bigger droppers of this stuff without worrying about running out!

Alyssia Hardin

This is an amazing tincture!


The most potent hemp tincture I’ve had. This is the only non-flower rosin tincture I’ve come across. 15ml has lasted longer than expected, as I take half the dose of a typical tincture. I hope that HB continues to produce this product. This tincture has the strongest raw hemp taste I’ve encountered. I don’t mind but some may have trouble with the flavor.