Full Spectrum Distillate Syringe

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FULL SPECTRUM distillate syringe.  Perfect for dabbing directly, or filling up an empty/refillable vape cartridge, the choice is yours! No MCT, PG or VG – simply uncut, pure distillate.

This current batch comes in at 64% CBD,  3.9% CBG,  .6% CBDv and .1% CBN and .29% THC



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Our Full Spectrum Distillate Syringe Contains CBD, CBDv, CBG, CBN, and THC!

If you’re not as concerned with using a product that has trace amounts of CBD, we definitely recommend it. Having even a tiny amount (less than .3%) of THC is still greatly beneficial for helping your body to experience the entourage effect.

What’s so great about using full spectrum distillate?

A lot of the relief that people experience when using full spectrum cannabis products comes from their endocannabinoid systems reaching homeostasis through the entourage effect. In layman’s terms, having a well-rounded, full spectrum hemp extract will balance your internal systems more so than a THC-free product.

We offer broad spectrum products because some customers NEED 0% THC

There are many reasons that customers want products with no THC. Some are worried about the psychoactive effects, some are allergic, some are worried about trace amounts of THC showing up on a drug test. We get it. In those cases, it is 100% worth checking out our broad spectrum syringe. But if you’re not allergic to THC or if you’re not worried about trace amounts of THC showing up on a random drug test, then you should definitely choose a full spectrum product.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 9 in

Pure (no added terpenes), Blueberry OG, Gelato, Lemon Cake

3 reviews for Full Spectrum Distillate Syringe

  1. donttreadonmyvape (verified owner)

    Price is hard to beat on this one. Really strong ‘natural’ hemp flavor to this, a lot stronger than the other distillates. Oil is really, really thick as well. IMO it might be better to package this in a jar like the terp sauce in the future. You’ve gotta warm the syringe up a bit to get it to flow easily. But thats just nitpicking, this is another amazing concentrate from you guys.

  2. Dro (verified owner)

    Another amazing product from HB. Extremely well priced considering the cannabis terpenes. This is a super thick oil that also crystallizes due to the high CBD concentration. If you fill up an empty cartridge you will have to heat it up at some point. But that just means it’s good stuff. I’m glad they now have a full spectrum concentrate. Great for day time/mornings and I like the syringes.

  3. Kimberly Blake coleman (verified owner)

    I ordered the gelato and it was the perfect consistency. The syringe makes it easy to load my wax pen . The effects were wonderful as well. Melted away my anxiety.

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