CBD Cartridge – Broad Spectrum (THC FREE)


Beautiful golden-colored uncut distillate with real, 100% full spectrum cannabis-extracted terpenes. Our current batch contains CBD, CBC, CBG and CBT; these are the purest, true to flower broad spectrum cartridges on the market. This is a THC-free product.

  • DEA certified Lab Results keep you safe & compliant
  • 100% cannabis oil carts. No MCT, PG or VG!
  • Available in 1mL authentic AVD glass cartridges


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Our CBD Cartridge is THC-Free

Our Broad Spectrum CBD Cartridge contains nothing but pure CBD distillate. Infused with 100% real cannabis terpenes. Our distillate is completely uncut and does not contain any additives.


We offer a few different CBD cartridges for sale which you can use on any 510 thread battery-powered vape pen. Our CBD carts are pure and contain no chemical additives whatsoever. You can read the lab report for each cartridge as every single one of our products are tested for impurities.

THC free CBD vape cartridges – Pure & True Distillate

Our distillate is 100% THC-free, but it is not an isolate. This is a broad spectrum CBD cart, which means it contains other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and CBDv. The combination of terpenes and a range of cannabinoids means you get a vape cartridge that provides the entourage effect without taking the risk of having even trace amounts of THC in your system.

Always make sure you shop from a trusted seller when looking for CBD carts with no THC.

Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridge Lab Results

Lab-tested for Potency, Solvents, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Microbial Content & Mycotoxins!

Choose Your Strain!

With our CBD carts, you have the ability to choose between 6 unique strain profiles: Pure, Blueberry OG, King Louie, Gelato, Berry Blossom, Special Sauce and Presidential Kush. We like to give your palate some options so that if you’re a daily CBD vaper, you don’t have to taste the same flavor all day long. Try some Blueberry OG in the morning, take a break with some Gelato in the afternoon, and when you’re ready to hit the hay, take a few puffs of some King Louie. With The Hemp Barn, you’ve got options!

Detailed Strain Information:

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 9 in



Pure (No added terpenes – pure distillate), Gelato, Blueberry OG, King Louie, Berry Blossom, Presidential Kush

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews

i needed an alternative to thc cartridges because i realised thc cartridges give me oculogyric crisises (i have tardive dystonia). and these cartridges are calming, give an entourage effect, without a high. i wish it got me high, but I guess I cant have everything

Michael Deja
Love it

Excellent CBD cartridge, highly recommend.

Sara Baldwin
Long-time User

I've used these carts regularly for close to 3 years, and they're wonderful. Effects are instant and very calming (pretty much replaced my Ativan with these) but not sedating. Vapor is very smooth with no harshness, and the flavor is nice enough, mostly subtle and herbal. My current favorites are Blueberry OG and Gelato for flavor (but I'm still holding out hope in my heart that someday Lemon Cake will be offered again - flavor on that one was unmatched). I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a way to manage anxiety or to just chill with a clear head.


Bought a cart the other week never tried CBD b4 but wanted to try to see if it could alleviate me while I take a THC break. Cart was shipped very fast and I am pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. The effects are relaxing and make me feel calm. Love to hit it while I drive. Super great for anyone trying to take a break from or quit THC, normally id be ornery and mean to people but this it takes that away and I was able to quit smoking THC and still be nice to people (which is a huge deal to me, I hate being a dick to people) The blend is great and I love how it makes me feel, such a positive experience I may keep using CBD forever lol. I did smoke the cart pretty fast but i was hitting it a ton and I think now that I've been off THC for a few days ill be using it less also now that I smoked one I better understand the learning curve of how many puffs to take and how often I should be hitting it. I was fiending THC the first day so I was hitting it a bit excessively. Just put in another order since I saw the 420 sale, bought another cart and some tincture. I live in the same state THB is based in and shipping was so fast, product so good, I plan to keep placing orders. Also the fact that the company has a good rep on reddit and they show the lab tests unlike many other scumbag companies so I can have peace at mind while using CBD. Thanks, fam, appreciate you all 🙏🤝💯🍃🔥

Amy Bandek

For someone who loved D8 but ran into issues with THC, Hemp Barn's THC Free carts are a life saver. Definitely not the enhanced euphoric effect of D8 but with quality CBD, CBN, CBG, I am able to achieve a higher level of thinking and clarity with the Sativa strain. I will be ordering an Indica for evening use, because I also notice a little pep in my step with the Sativa and hoping am Indica will help me chill in the evenings.