Cured Badder – Mochi


Cured Badder!  This actually starts off as cured shatter that we whip up into an easy to handle/work with badder consistency.  The potency is lower than the Live Resin Sugar but this is still very terpy.  Strain is Mochi aka Gelato 47 and has a very gassy/diesel ish smell/taste to it.    Expect Indica dominant hybrid effects.

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Mochi 2g

Velvet consistency,
Beautiful Golden Color, & Exactly as pictured!
Flavor is neat as of the first day.
Gave energy off of 1 half rice grain size on a glass nail medium Temp. Super smooth on the inhale and on exhale. The upbringing of coughs was short-sighted, they were just settling me in for a ride. My Mind had cleared. Till I got up... Shortly after hunger set in :)
Couch lock for a movie right after was nice then when I needed to get up, it was no problem and energy arose once again!
Love it super nice
Thank you THB✌🏻

Pleasantly Surprised

This was my first purchase from The Hemp Barn and it paid off greatly. The budder looks just like it did in the photo: nice amber color and creamy. The flavor and effects were satisfying even after a single dab.