CBD Isolate Based Tincture


Our isolate is now available in a convenient tincture! Simply 99% pure CBD isolate dissolved into organic MCT oil – that’s it! Absolutely no fillers/colors/additives etc. At least 2,000mg of CBD per 30ml bottle. Don’t overpay for an isolate based tincture!

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99% Pure USA grown and extracted CBD isolate

Organic MCT oil (Nutiva Brand)

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Our CBD Oil Isolate is THC Free

Enjoy the therapeutic advantages of CBD without the concerns of taking in other cannabinoids with our CBD isolate oil. Formulated with 99% pure cannabidiol isolate integrated into MCT oil, our hemp oil isolate is all about delivering an authentic experience. No unnecessary filler agents, colors, or additives are involved, so you get a minimum of 1,000mg of cannabidiol in each 15ml bottle and 2,000mg of CBD in each 30ml bottle.

What is CBD Isolate? Is it just Isolated CBD?

Yes, pretty much! CBD isolate or isolated CBD is just a concentrated, refined form of CBD. It can be purchased as a powder, but here it is suspended in organic MCT oil. This is also referred to as a hemp isolate oil, and it is made by extracting specifically the CBD cannabinoid from the hemp plant. Other terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids have been completely removed. While some individuals prefer a full spectrum of hemp-related constituents in their CBD tinctures, you may prefer to take advantage of only the CBD itself without concerns of THC or other chemical compounds like terpenes or flavonoids. CBD isolate oil makes it possible to do just that!

How to Use CBD Isolate Oil

CBD isolate oil is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to get your daily dose of CBD. Our bottles are conveniently outfitted with a dosage dropper, so simply measure your dose and drop the oil on or under your tongue (under your tongue works best). Holding the tincture under your tongue until dissolved can deliver a faster onset of action.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 9 in

30ml – 2,000mg CBD

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Rebeca Oquendo
Great quality!

Great quality and very affordable, it really helps me with meditation .

Rebekah Oquendo Franceschi
I absolutely love the cbd isolate

It works instantly, great to feel calm and breath deeply ..Super recommended!

Jase Ray

CBD Isolate Based Tincture