CBD Infused Honey

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Full spectrum CBD infused honey! This is made with full spectrum water soluble CBD distillate. Cannabinoids are NOT water soluble by default – they need to be emulsified to be able to properly dissolve into any non lipid(fat) based product. We partnered with Mile High Labs out of Boulder, CO for the water soluble distillate since they are one of the only legitimate companies that produce water soluble emulsified cannabinoids in their state of the art, FDA registered GMP and ISO compliant manufacturing facility.

This particular batch of honey comes from our own employee Cameron who runs his own bee hive as a hobby! Since it is 100% raw and organic, it will naturally crystalize over time – that is NOT cannabinoids crystalizing – is it the sugars in the honey.


100% organic, raw honey

water soluble full spectrum CBD distillate


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Infuse Your Drinks & Snacks With CBD Honey Relief

Sometimes, instead of a hemp-flavored oil or a flavorless powder, you want to take your daily CBD with a hint of sweetness. Maybe you already like adding honey to your coffee or tea, and you’re interested in adding a bit of CBD to your regimen. This is a perfect, non-intrusive way to do just that.

100% local, natural, and organic honey!

Made by our own employee Cameron, our honey is local to Pennsylvania, and it’s 100% raw and organic. For this reason, you will see sugar crystals forming over time as the honey solidifies. This is totally normal – and NO – the crystals are not cannabinoids, just sugar. Our honey has a fully even spread of cannabis extract throughout, so you can rest assured that each spoonful will be regimented properly regardless of its state.

Made with Water Soluble, Full Spectrum Hemp

The way we infuse this honey is with 100% water soluble CBD distillate powder. This means that it’s already activated and ready to go; no cooking heating or vaping required. Eat a spoonful, spread it on your toast, drop it in your tea – the choice is yours!

Made in partnership with Mile High Labs from Boulder, Colorado

Before jumping into the production of this product, we did a ton of research. That’s why we are extremely proud to partner with Mile High Labs – one of the only cannabis labs in the US producing high quality, emulsified cannabinoids that are fully dissolvable in water.

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  1. Tim (verified owner)

    I bought this product as a gift for my parents who were skeptical of cbd and refused to try a tincture. I gave them the thorough test results to ease any worries about what they were consuming. This was a wonderful introduction for them and they love it.

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