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All of our hash starts from the same, single source organically grown greenhouse flower.  After fully drying, we hand trim all of our flower over a 220u screen.

We then separate everything from 120-149u and apply light heat plus pressure to create a “Moroccan” style hash brick.  This is the best bang for your buck as the potency is still in the 30% Cannabinoid range and is usually smoked as-is in a pipe.  Being in a “brick/chunk” form it is very easily to handle as well, especially if you are on-the-go.  You would not want to dab this as there is still small/trace amounts of plant material that is not suitable for dabbing.


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Our CBD Hash Comes From CBD Kief

We moved away from selling pure CBD kief and now offer solely CBD hash, made “Moroccan” style (dry-sifting + pressing). The keif we use to make our hash comes from a variety of high quality, sun-grown hemp. You can expect a super fruity aroma and juicy flavor from smoking or vaping it. Top a bowl, sprinkle it in your joint, rub your joint in terp sauce and then roll it in chopped up CBD hash. Get crazy! The possibilities for enjoying this CBD-rich hemp hash are endless!

Where does kief come from?

When trichomes fall off the plant, they are referred to as kief. You know how high quality buds can look shiny and crystallized? Well those “crystals” that you see on the buds are called trichomes. When you put your bud in a jar or another container, you’ll notice that the walls of that container get sticky and start to build up residue.
Rather than wasting excess trichomes on the containers we keep our buds in, we sift some strains using pollen catchers. We then collect these excess trichomes, package it, and sell it as CBD kief. You can think of it as a cannabis concentrate without the need for intense scientific extraction processes.

What’s the best way to use CBD kief or hash?

The best way is to top a bowl with it or sprinkle it on your ground bud before you finish rolling a joint. Just make sure you mix it in nice and evenly, otherwise this powder-like mixture will make your joint “boat” or “Canoe”. Mixing it in evenly will help your joint smoke more evenly and smoothly. Same goes for a bowl pack. You could also roll a pure hash joint or smoke a full hash bowl. Hemp hash or CBD hash can be vaped as well. Whether you have a PAX vape or another kind of handheld or desktop vaporizer, CBD hash is a great option for vaping.

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120-149u Pressed Moroccan Style (1 Gram)



Customer Reviews

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I must say that you get way more than your $10 worth per gram! This Kief Hash in PineWalker is AMAZING! Does not take much at all! The taste is very Piney and just Delicious! The smell of the flower is AMAZING! This is where the medicine lies in the industry! CBD/CBG/CBN are ALL AMAZING Cannabinoids that really address inflammation and chronic pain! Using a pestal and mortar set is a great way to crush the Kief Hash! It takes very little to address chronic pain! I am so pleased with this item and will order more soon! You could use this in many ways! Many Thanks for such a "Effective Product!"

Adam S
way worth the 10 dollars per gram

this stuff is similar to the old moroccan style green hash i used to fond at festivals and concerts back in 2012-2016. good stuff and has a sweet musky aroma. highly reccomend this buzz ..

Happy Customer
CBD Hash

Wanted to try some of the modern hash offering from The Hemp Barn. We were familiar with the Pinewalker strain and found the hash had a pleasant outdoor fresh flavor. We will look forward to other hash strains in the future from The Hemp Barn!

Todd Wilson

Looks good tastes ok but no high

B smith
Its alright

Tried in a herb Vaporizer and a puffco pro and honestly didnt care for it much. I'd much rather have a nice cbd flower or a good cbd concentrate over this stuff. Not sure how it is smoked since I didnt try that.