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High CBD Hash!  Made in the traditional “Moroccan” style from dry sifted organically sun grown cannabis.  39.9% total cannabinoids and a rich hashy smell!  Simply dry sifted kief/trichomes pressed in our hash press using only pressure and heat – zero solvents for a true Solventless concentrate!


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Our CBD Hash Comes From CBD Kief

We moved away from selling pure CBD kief and now offer solely CBD hash, made “Moroccan” style (dry-sifting + pressing). The keif we use to make our hash comes from a variety of high quality, sun-grown hemp. You can expect a super fruity aroma and juicy flavor from smoking or vaping it. Top a bowl, sprinkle it in your joint, rub your joint in terp sauce and then roll it in chopped up CBD hash. Get crazy! The possibilities for enjoying this CBD-rich hemp hash are endless!

Where does kief come from?

When trichomes fall off the plant, they are referred to as kief. You know how high quality buds can look shiny and crystallized? Well those “crystals” that you see on the buds are called trichomes. When you put your bud in a jar or another container, you’ll notice that the walls of that container get sticky and start to build up residue.
Rather than wasting excess trichomes on the containers we keep our buds in, we sift some strains using pollen catchers. We then collect these excess trichomes, package it, and sell it as CBD kief. You can think of it as a cannabis concentrate without the need for intense scientific extraction processes.

What’s the best way to use CBD kief or hash?

The best way is to top a bowl with it or sprinkle it on your ground bud before you finish rolling a joint. Just make sure you mix it in nice and evenly, otherwise this powder-like mixture will make your joint “boat” or “Canoe”. Mixing it in evenly will help your joint smoke more evenly and smoothly. Same goes for a bowl pack. You could also roll a pure hash joint or smoke a full hash bowl. Hemp hash or CBD hash can be vaped as well. Whether you have a PAX vape or another kind of handheld or desktop vaporizer, CBD hash is a great option for vaping.

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Richard Vanness
Best CBD hash arou. Too bad one can only purchase 1gr

I like the hash but 1 gram is too small. Should sell it in 1/4 oz too!

Patrice Searle
Highly impressed!

I suffer from fibromyalgia and in constant pain! I add a little bit of the CBD hash to my pipe. The CBD Hash tastes wonderful and really helps with my pain. I highly recommend it!

Justice Simonetti
NOT Hash - but still a good product

Having lived in the Middle East for many years I can tell you that this is nothing like Moroccan hash, it’s more like pressed dry kief. However, the subjective effects are still quite nice, and this product can be turned into a proper hash quite easily. Simply fold a sufficient amount (I used 5 grams) into parchment paper, wrap that in a wetted paper towel, boil water, and then pour said boiling water into a pot which is then pressed onto the parchment paper (with as much weight as you can muster, I use my entire body). This converts the green, dry, kief crumble into a proper brown/black hash. I really don’t understand why proper hash is so elusive in the US, it’s not that hard of a concept. Just heat, a lot of pressure, and a little moisture.

robert greer

infused MCT oil 2 oz, works Very well for sleep all night and 2 ml of it to calm down phantom pain last night !!

Roman Cristali

It claims Moroccan techniques. But it’s just compressed flower. It’s totally green. Not blond or black