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Sold per ounce (28 grams) and available in either raw or terpene infused (10% terpenes by weight) (*hemp extracted terpenes*).  This is the same D8 Distillate that is in our cartridges. 

We have spent months working with ISO, DEA and state MMJ certified testing labs to rigorously vet our Delta 8 supplier.  We aim to be THE most transparent company offering D8 products so our customers can rest assured knowing that we are providing them with clean, effective, and compliant Delta 8 products. Lab tests from local, national, and DEA registered labs are provided with each product to ensure quality and safety standards.

We currently only source Delta 8 distillate from Mission Lago in Medford, OR since they are a state and federally registered hemp extraction facility that works with DEA accredited labs to ensure a compliant product from the get go.  We then send each batch we receive to both an ISO accredited lab (PharmLabs) & State Commissioned Medical Marijuana Lab (Pinnacle CT, Inc.) which is fully accredited by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission as an Independent Testing Laboratory.  No mystery suppliers, sketchy labs, questionable products etc.


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None – pure, raw distillate, Blueberry OG, Gelato, King Louie

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The Best Bulk Delta-8 Ever

I really like the Bulk Delta-8 distillates from The Hemp Barn. They have the best quality Delta-8 distillates and buying it in bulk is a great money saver! I think THB has wonderful products and top notch quality products; but I would love to see more terpenes in all/any of the products! ( I love terpenes) I used to buy them from THB separately. I would also like to see more low cost, quality vape pens sold on THB website.

Stephen Morrison

Amazing distillate, as of July 13th the D8 % is 73% so pretty decent not the 80%+ but still strong effects from it. I made an ounce of hash with some cbd kief at 12% CBD. Had to heat the hash slightly a few times and work the distillate in. When I first got it I took a tiny dab of the oil, first it felt like strong CBD then I started getting pretty stoned within 5 minutes. Overall good product delivered to the UK in less than a week and a great first time purchase.

Apparent Hit or miss

I first have this distillate 5 stars. I do enjoy the effects and experience. And over all customer service is helpful when there is a problem. But after ordering a few time's i have noticed some inconsistencies. I recived a batch i couldnt use with extreme seperation and i later noticed some foreign particals in the distillate. CS was helpful and did send a replacement of much better quality. This most recent order i was a little surprised to see my my oz is almost 2 grams short weighing 26.21 grams. There is also 99% of the time some fuzz or dust in the unopened sealed jars. As i said the quality is great however the consistency is not. I will defently give them another shot as i do like having a local supply rather than one coming from across the country. But as of now this is not a 5 star product. I still recommend THB. I just hope to see improvements in the feature and am sure i will in time.


I pretty much love it. When dabbing if you heat it up too much I’ve found my after dab can have a smell and smoke you definitely don’t want to inhale that’s different from D9 extracts you’d get from a dispensary. D9 extracts can have the same problem but just this smell is unique and kinda bad. However I’m not too alarmed because the rest of the time this is perfect too consume and I can also successfully finish dabs sometimes but I’m just globbing it often. So again same problem with d9 just a different and kinda alarming smell that I’d stop consuming at that point and clean if it occurs. Still not trying to fault this product I honestly love it just an observation from someone who is new to bulk delta 8 if any one else reading may be. I try to low temp it and cold start it. This has been saving me a crazy amount of money, it’s all I’ve consumed p much since I got it. I’ll never fund a crappy dispensary again. Aside from all that it’s a quality and clean distillate. I’d give this a 5/5. Hemp barn is the only company I trust for delta 8 products and I’m deeply happy they started selling delta 8 products and started selling bulk delta 8. I’ve used this company for my medical needs and trust and enjoy them thoroughly.
Now for feedback I wish hemp barn had terps like they did back in the day with the chemface og. Those carts were loud. These terps aren’t as impressive. I feel like the quality of terps aren’t as good as when I first bought from this company. They’re kinda more generic I guess, I’d appreciate more options like what was previously available in prior years. Aside from that the Bruce banner is the profile I enjoy the most. I would love to see more strains available though. Sativas are really important for me and I’d like to see more energizing stuff in the future and I know that’d generate more sales from atleast me and I’d imagine more people. Releasing new strains more often could be a way to encourage more sales too. I know I’d get more excited and try some.
Most importantly in regard to terpenes I would appreciate it so much if your company could increase the perecentage of terpenes. One of the most important factors is the viscosity and terpene content of my distillate. I still find 10% to leave a too viscous distillate, if any way that number could be increased in future batches too any extent I would be extremely thankful. I’d even love a 15% if possible and I’d be willing to pay a lil extra if need be.

Anyways 10/10 product. And will be an 11/10 if more strain options were available and higher terpene contents available. Thank you for providing me with clean medicine.


Quality, clean distillate.